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Our Notable Projects

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Christ Church

On this project we worked with American Constructors for the sanctuary building.  This was an addition of approximately 90,000 sq. ft.  to the original building on the property.  Our work involved not only the plumbing but the roof drain piping and installation of grease tanks and interior service lines.  For me personally, this was an exciting project to be a part of as it was my home church.

Financial Peace Plaza

Financial Peace Plaza

Little did I know that my friend Dave Ramsey would be the ultimate owner of this building.  We were the original plumber on the building for Century Construction Company.  Century had originally built this building for their offices.  The view from the 4th floor is exceptional.

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FMC Hendersonville

Tough job! This is a dialysis center with lots of plumbing.  The building was existing, we had to remove existing concrete floors to install the plumbing, working with various medical companies involved to establish  the treatment stations.  This was the first large scale dialysis center we had plumbed!


TGI Fridays

One of the first restaurants to open in the Cool Spring area.  To this day, two things stand out on this project.  The electrician inadvertically damaged our sewer line while installing exterior lights.  That was a mess!  The other thing was the water heater was considered a boiler by the State, thus requiring a State Boiler inspection.  My first experience in dealing with the State Boiler Inspectors.  Needless to say, I learned a few things.


Indian Lake Surgical Center

This project was completed in 2014 for Batten and Shaw.  The project was on an extremely tight construction schedule.  It is a beautiful building and I am proud to have been a part of the construction process.


Spring Hill City Park

These projects are currently under construction.  The City Park with Sain Construction and the Fire Hall with Baron Construction. These facilities will be wonderful additions to the City of Spring Hill.  Thankful to be a part of the construction teams!


Bar Louie

This project is in the Gulch area.  It is a unique establishment, catering to the young at heart with food and beverage.  On the project, we installed the plumbing, grease piping and grease tank and the gas piping.  Bar Louie has a large bar area that had all kinds of plumbing and we installed gas piping to an exterior outdoor sitting area.  You can’t beat being close to the fire in the outdoor area on a cool night.  This project involved not only the General Contractor, but also  the building owner, the  project owner and the project owners  management company.  We also did the plumbing for Bar Louie in Murfreesboro.

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Fresh to Order

A great place to eat!  This project was for MTLC.  It is typical of what we do day in and day out on various tenant projects.  The schedule and budget are always tight and you have to work productively with other subs.


Snodgrass and King

This project was in the Mt. Juliet/Providence area.  Dr. Snodgrass & King have one floor of a multiple story building.  Not only did we install the plumbing but also the associated Medical Gas Lines and Vacuum Piping.  The project was with Robert S. Biscan Company.